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A Life Lesson from the Workshop – How do we handle mistakes?

In the workshop, as in life, mistakes are inevitable. This homily will offer some parallels concerning the reasons we make mistakes, how we can correct or mitigate these mistakes, and ways in which we may avoid the same mistakes in the future.

Guest Speaker: Arnie Moore

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Committing to Protecting Nature

UUMAN's Earth Ministry and Rev. Dave Dunn join other faith leaders and the Roswell Earth Coalition in committing to protecting nature.

From the Patch article:  "From the Roswell Earth Coalition: On Sunday, Earth Day local leaders of faith and political leaders of both parties joined the Roswell Earth Coalition at the Roswell Community Masjid to pause and consider our responsibilities to each other and to the earth. The intent of the gathering was to offer assurances to the larger community that leaders are willing to work together to maintain the natural beauty and distinctive character of Roswell and to ensure a sustainable future for all."

Common Grounds Coffee House

The next coffee house will be Saturday, May 19th, and have Steve Allerton & Vocal Ease!

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Common Grounds Coffee House

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