Sunday Discussion Group

The purpose of this ministry is to explore issues and topics, theological and spiritual, to develop community; and to deepen self-awareness through selected readings and discussion of those readings, in the context of covenantal “small group ministry”. During the fall of 2016 the group will explore the book The Whole World Kin: Darwin & the Spirit of Liberal Education edited by Fredric Muir, in which nine prominent liberal religious thinkers examine Darwin’s contributions to theology, spirituality and ethics.

Pat Shea, 770-993-7528,

21st Century Humanism

This group focuses on the philosophy of mankind as the center of all things, informs members of Humanism’s nature and history, and emphasizes free and frank discussion of the effect on humanity of past and present events, safe from the influence of contravening public opinion. 2nd Sunday of the month, 11:30 in the sanctuary. Currently inactive.

John Peltier, (770) 649-5951,

Minister’s Seminar

Periodically the minister will lead a class or workshop. See Workshops and Seminars.