• New Leadership at UUMAN

    As we begin our new church year at UUMAN, I want to make sure that we all know some of the new (and not so new) names who will be working on our Board of Trustees, Program Council and Committee on Ministry.

    UUMAN Board of Trustees

    UUMAN’s Board of Trustees is ultimately responsible for the “governance” of the congregation. It is also responsible for the long-term vision of the church. It does this in conjunction with the congregation’s membership yet the congregation elects the Board to act on its behalf. Other than keeping the lights on and the doors open, the Board is not generally responsible for the day-to-day ministry of the congregation.

    The following serve on UUMAN’s Board of Trustees:

    President – Randy Blasch

    Vice-President – Elizabeth Rohan

    Past President – Steve Smith

    Special Projects – Jim Nickens

    Secretary – Laura Keck

    Treasurer – Bob Popp

    Minister – Dave Dunn, ex-officio non-voting member

    DMCY – Toniann Read, ex-officio non-voting member

    UUMAN Program Council

    UUMAN’s Program Council and Committees are ultimately responsible for the day-to-day “ministry” of the congregation. It does this in conjunction with the congregation’s membership and committees. As you may have heard, we have formed six functional groups of committees to act as the Program Council. This replaces the one large group that encompassed all committees. Each functional group will have a “liaison” which will be responsible for representing its functional group and facilitate communications between groups

    The following serve on UUMAN’s Program Council:

    Chair – Merri Beth Stephens

    Spiritual Arts Ministry Liaison – Brian Kohn

    Faith Development Ministry Liaison – Maria Azuri

    Justice Ministry Liaison – Jennifer Phillippi & Amanda Bralley

    Care Ministry Liaison – Sally Mullikin & Co-Liaison TBD

    Outreach & Connections Ministry Liaison – Kelly Callen & Carolina Patlis

    Operations Liaison – Colin Decker

    Staff – Toniann Read

    Staff – Alex Pietsch

    Staff – Dave Dunn

    All Committee Chairs

    The Board of Trustees Vice-President (Elizabeth Rohan) will act as liaison between the Board of Trustees and the Program Council.

    For the 2017-2018 church year, Board Past President Steve Smith will act as a consultant to help facilitate the transition to the new model. Also, a representative of the Leadership Development Committee will also consult with the new council to ensure that the members have the tools and training necessary to do their work effectively.


    UUMAN Committee on Ministry

    UUMAN’s Committee on Ministry (COM) was formed during the 2016-2017 church year. The COM’s charge is to ensure that everything done here at UUMAN (i.e. ministry, governance, etc.) is serving the congregation’s mission.

    The following serve on UUMAN’s Committee on Ministry:

    At-Large Member – Bev Jordan

    At-Large Member – Dave Hudson

    At-Large Member – John Patanian


    In this coming church year, we will all be learning these new roles; how they interact with one another as well as how they interact with the congregation’s membership. It may be confusing at times.

    I will ask that we all be patient with one another in this new transition. These new leaders have volunteered their time and effort knowing full well that the new job descriptions are a bit fuzzy and unknown. Assume best intentions. Assume that everyone is simply trying to do their best.

    I will be consulting with Rev. Alison Eskildsen of the UU Fellowship of Athens in this transition. They have been operating under this model for several years now.

    UUMAN has such potential! I look forward to working with you all this coming church year.