Finding El Dorado in the Garden – Earth Day Service

Wendell Berry in The Unsettling of America speaks of our environmental crisis as a crisis of character, community and culture. Are we moving from an air conditioned nightmare to a nightmare without the amenity? How did we get here and where do we go from here?

Hembree Park Faith-In-Action Flower Communion

Hembree Park is at 850 Hembree Rd in Roswell

Our annual Hembree Park service will be a Multigenerational Faith-In-Action Flower Communion. Please bring a flower to share. We will also be potting some plants to be shared with a local assisted living facility.


Centering at UUMAN is an experiential medley – part meditation circle and part small group ministry. It’s members will present a taste of their meetings as well as a sense of how they impact each other’s lives.