Sunday, August 27 – Mission Sunday

What is UUMAN’s mission? Why do we exist? What is ministry? Who is responsible for carrying out this ministry and how is it done?

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Sunday, September 3 – A Transformative Labor Day

As we approach the Labor Day holiday, let’s try to see it in a new way. In addition to honoring our work efforts as they are, might we reorient our efforts to shape them into what they can be?

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Sunday, September 10 – Adult Enrichment Sunday

Unitarian Universalist principles encourages us to pursue spiritual growth and a free and responsible search for truth and meaning. Today, we explore how UUMAN Adult Enrichment can foster our members’ life-long journey, coming to understand more fully our values and principles and living into them.


Sunday, September 17 – Living the Pledge: The Promise and Practice of Our Faith

How do we do the work toward the beloved community we all seek? Living the Pledge is a racial justice initiative. Join us in this multigenerational service as we learn how to put our faith into action in our everyday lives.


Sunday, September 24 – In the Spirit of Hildergard

Though she lived almost 1000 years ago, Hildegard of Bingen, Saint and Doctor of the Church, feels contemporary! Not content simply to be Benedictine abbess, she was also a philosopher, mystic, playwright, composer, environmentalist and a proponent of the Divine Feminine. What does she call upon us to do today?

This week’s Order of Worship