Sunday, April 30 – The Rationality of Faith

Many might describe “Faith” as believing in something untrue or something that can’t be proven.  How do we come to know the “truth?”  What constitutes proof? With this, can religious faith actually be deemed rational? (This sermon was generously purchased by Bob Mihalik at our Harvest and Holiday Service Auction.)


Sunday, May 7 – Embrace Your Weakness. Embrace Your Failure.

We are enamored with the allure of “success” and the idea that it can come without the price of failure. We have inherent worth; yet weakness and failure are also built in to the fabric of our existence. Can these be keys that can enable us to lead fulfilling lives? During this service we will… continue reading

Sunday, May 14 – Black Lives of UU Teach-In

“Battling racism in its many forms is not easy. Everyone has to start somewhere, and it takes a commitment to disrupt business as usual.” — Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism. What would it look like to choose our faith over fear? How do we build a new way? Join us as we do the work… continue reading

Sunday, May 21 – Ministry with Children and Youth Celebration

Check back for details.

Sunday, May 28 – Reaching for New Life

Through the story of immigrants, we can learn lessons valuable to all areas of our own lives. The willingness to leave the unfamiliar, as well as courage and openness to change are among the qualities that characterize immigrants. These qualities can also apply to many changes in our lives, both chosen and not chosen.

Sunday, June 4 – Annual Poetry Service

Please join us for our annual poetry service, led by Jim Saunders. This year, the selections will be poems from UU sources.

This week’s Order of Worship