Sunday, February 26 – What UUMAN Means to Me – New Member Sunday

Please join us as we welcome new members to UUMAN, and as some of our newer members share what drew them to seek a religious community, what about UUMAN made it feel like a good fit for them, and what other aspects of UUMAN they experienced since arriving here for the first time were a pleasant surprise.

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Sunday, March 5 – In the Wake of Standing Rock

We have learned much from the prayerful actions at Standing Rock.  We know the serious injustices visited on the First Peoples of this land by the original colonizing powers and by the current powers-that-be.   Do you have a role in reclaiming the integrity of your ancestral lineage and this country?

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Sunday, March 12 – UUMAN and North Fulton Community Charities

Service Description: North Fulton Community Charities (NFCC) offers food, clothing, educational and social service assistance to thousands of local families in need each year. A few members of UUMAN are currently volunteering there on a regular basis. How can we take it to the next level?

Sunday, March 19 – Youth-led Sunday – I Was Here

Join us on March 19th for the annual youth service.  Our Senior Youth, Junior Youth and Coming of Age members will relate some of their most memorable moments of their time at UUMAN, look at the issues they’ve been involved with. They will show us how UUMAN has left it’s mark on them and how… continue reading


Sunday, March 26 – Prophetic Sisterhood

In the late 19th century, a radical band of pioneering women ministers, defying the Unitarian establishment; founded, nurtured and grew dozens of congregations throughout the Midwest. They are now largely forgotten. How might we hold on to our UU heritage that is often plagued by a conspiracy of forgetfulness?

This week’s Order of Worship