Author: Bob Popp

Breeze Tip #2

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Breeze Tip #1

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Board Meeting Minutes January 24 2023

The Board of Trustees Meets Monthly on the 4th Tuesday 7pm-10pm

Every UUMAN member is invited!

The Board discusses key priorities for the congregation, both short and long term. We review our top priorities for the year and the key new topics from the previous month. The … read more.

UUMAN Standing Committees

UUMAN’s Bylaws give the UUMAN Board authority to delegate appropriate authority to Standing Committees. Standing Committees gather information, draft policies, propose and make recommendations to the Board. These Standing Committees currently exist and report to the Board:

Leadership Development – the purpose of this committee is … read more.

UUMAN Organization 101

If you are new to UUMAN or been coming for many years you may have wondered from time to time “how UUMAN is organized?”. It is a great question and one that I am going to try to answer in this post.

At a high-level, in … read more.