Leadership At UUMAN – No Experience Necessary

“In every new, energetic and growing movement we’ve participated in, the most enthusiastic and creative people have been the ones with no experience (Becky Bond & Zack Exley, Rules for Revolutionaries, p179).”

Most people don’t think of themselves as leaders. They feel that leadership is something … read more.

The Five Practices of Welcome Renewal

In the late 1980s, the UUA’s Common Vision Planning Committee issued a 21 page report upon the state of our affairs regarding our welcoming of gay, lesbian and bisexual persons. Although we had been saying that we were open and welcoming to the LGBT community … read more.

RE Classes Begin September 13th

Children & Youth Ministry Religious Education Classes Begin September 13th, 2020.  Register here!

Partnering with families to build healthy strong relationships and  create meaningful experiences

Family faith development is a journey of relationships. Family members connect with one another, the faith community, and the universe to discover and … read more.

UUMAN 2nd Hour Enrichment

Although we will be beginning our new church year online, on August 16 we will kick-off our 2nd hour MCY and Adult Enrichment offerings that will run throughout the church year (even after we re-open and return to in-person services). From 11:15 – 12 Noon … read more.