Adult Religious Education – or Exploration – is a piece of what we call Adult Faith Development, which is the life-long process – or journey – of coming to understand more fully our values and principles and living into them, incorporating our chosen religious faith more fully into our lives, becoming Unitarian Universalists in the fullest sense of the name. “Everything we do is faith development, and the congregation is the curriculum,” says  Connie Goodbread of the UUA Southern Region staff.

At UUMAN Adult Religious Exploration includes planned opportunities for spiritual growth, intellectual stimulation, the acquisition of new skills, fellowship, and the building of personal connections with other members. We delve into Unitarian and Universalist history and theology, spirituality and spiritual paths, social justice issues, ethics and morality, and life issues, using curricula developed by the UUA, other religious institutions and authors, and by our own members.

In keeping with the goals of UUMAN’s Adult Religious Exploration vision the Adult Enrichment Committee initiated a series of educational courses (Workshops and Seminars) in 2018. Each course will be a one-hour session that will run from 12 Noon – 1:00 PM in the Sanctuary most Sundays. Childcare is available in the nursery and various activities (think summer religious education) will be prepared for the younger ones who’ve aged out of the nursery.

We trust that our various offerings further transformative growth and the search for truth and justice and, thus, further our mission. They are geared to meet the needs of people at different places on a religious or spiritual journey; some are short-term and introductory, like the Tapestry of Faith curricula; others are more in depth; still others are on-going and geared to those well into their journeys of discovery – the Sunday Morning Discussion Group, the Saturday morning Centering Prayer group, the Saturday afternoon Mindfulness Meditation group. Others, the Small Group Ministries, build community connections and offer the opportunity for deeper relationships and deeper spiritual exploration.

Anyone having an interest or wishing to share an insight, experience (e.g., meditation), or course of study is welcome to contact the Adult Enrichment Committee.

In addition to Adult Religious Explorations, see the other enriching offerings for members of the church, including Contemplative Practice (Meditation), Small Group MinistryCommunity/Fellowship, and Music/Art/Culture.