UUMAN over the past 5 years has been putting aside income into a Reserve Fund for replacement of long-term maintenance items like appliances, roofs, and exterior painting. This year we used some of those funds to replace two air conditioners, paint Discovery Hall, and re-carpet and paint the nursery and admin office. Over the next few years, if we continue to add to the reserve fund, we will be able to replace aging infrastructure.

Unfortunately, we’ve recently learned that the portico roof is leaking in several places and is in dire need of replacement. These leaks cannot just be repaired, and the roof needs to be replaced as soon as possible so the damage is contained. In addition, after getting inspections from three roofing companies we learned that the Sanctuary roof also needs to be replaced very soon before any issues develop that cause damage to the interior of the building.

The current issue and the reason we are coming to you today is that our reserve fund for major repairs and maintenance does not have enough in it yet to pay for the work – namely replacing both the Sanctuary and Portico roofs. Our Operations and Finance teams, along with the Board, believe we should act now and not wait.

After hearing from our Operations and Finance teams at the August Board meeting, the Board approved moving forward with a capital campaign to not only replace both the Sanctuary and Portico roofs, but also install a 10.2 kW solar array, an effort that the Earth Ministry team has been pursuing for the past year.

  • Why now?
    • We can’t take the risk of the roof failing and causing damage to the Sanctuary ceiling. We know the portico roof is already leaking and needs immediate attention. We save some money if we do both the portico and Sanctuary at the same time.
    • The Earth Ministry initiated solar array project has generated interest and support from several UUMAN members who want to not only save money on electricity but also lower our carbon footprint and be a more sustainable member of the Roswell community and in doing so live our Mission and Vision. It makes most sense to combine the efforts and install the solar panels on a new Sanctuary roof.
  • What are the costs?
    • The total cost of the entire project is $62,000 including replacing both the Sanctuary and Portico roofs $24,000, new gutters and painting the portico $8,000 and a 10.2 kW solar array $30,000
  • How will we fund this effort?
    • We want to raise $40,000 from our UUMAN Members and Friends by the end of 2021
    • These funds plus $7,000 in savings and a $15,000 interest free loan from Georgia Interfaith Power & Light will allow us to replace both the Sanctuary and Portico roofs and install a 10.2 kW solar array.

The theme of the capital campaign is “Raise the Roof: Protecting UUMAN Sustainably From The Top”!

If you were unable to be at our September 19, 2021 Sunday service, then you missed the introduction of the campaign by two of our most distinguished UUMAN members – Bev Jordan and Ashok Nagrani. Please take a moment to watch it at this link – Raise the Roof Video Introduction.

We invite you to commit to the campaign through this form. We’re asking for a very quick capital campaign–both because of the urgency of needing to replace the roof, and so we can install the solar panels as soon as possible. If you have questions about this campaign, please reach out to Bob Popp: past-president@uuman.org.

Thank you in advance for your support and generosity!


UUMAN Capital Campaign Team