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I Think…Therefore I am Deluded

According to the ancient Indian sage Patanjali, in its most basic sense, yoga is the “cessation of the turning of thought.” Yet, modern western philosophy is said to start with Descartes who uttered his famous phrase “I think, therefore I am.” Well…what are we to make of this?

UU The Vote

As reproductive justice is on the ballot this November, actively taking part in the election is especially important. Our denomination has provided many tools for us to use, providing an answer for those of us wishing we knew what to do.

I’m Trying

As we start anew – a new church year, or perhaps a new school year – there will be initiatives and programs, successes and failures. Can we choose the lens through which we look at these things? What might be the healthiest lens?

Deconstructing Christianity

What do you do when you find that your religious tradition no longer aligns with the realities of your life?  Join us as UUMAN member David Kroeber takes us through a journey of “Deconstructing Christianity” and the process of developing a more expansive faith that transcends … read more.

Religion and the Poetic Imagination

Religion and spirituality include mystery, that which transcends understanding; otherwise, we would simply call it philosophy. So how do we relate to what is so important, so rooted in our souls, yet cannot be fully described? Poetic metaphor and imagery are powerful tools that can help us relate to and be inspired by that which we cannot fully understand, in some ways similar to modeling in science.
Join us for a service investigating and celebrating the poetic imagination.

UUA Service from General Assembly

We will be viewing the Synergy Bridging service from this year’s UU General Assembly, “Replanting Interdependence”. This service showcases the young minds and hearts of our denomination and highlights the creativity with which youth and young adults create new traditions. If you are unable to attend UUMAN in person, you are invited to watch “Replanting Interdependence” from home by going to this web page:

History In Our Own Backyard

Groveway Community Group is an organization in the heart of Roswell that has been here for over 80 years, serving unmet – but important – needs. Groveway Community is an historically Black community in Roswell that dates back to the 1800’s.

Gail Bohanan will talk about the history of the community, some from personal experience, and of the organization. This service provides a unique opportunity for us to learn our history from a different perspective.