Speaker: Ayanna Kafi Stringer

I Dream of Black Rest: Kwanzaa, Black Excellence, and the UU Experience

If you’re like me, you’ve noticed that UUism is seriously lacking Black folx. And the ones that this faith attracts and retains tend to be the embodiment of Black Excellence. Black UUs can burn brightly as dedicated volunteers, board presidents, church leaders, and the heads of UU organizations but can face equally dramatic burn out. This is both a spiritual and a justice issue. Can a Black American centered holiday be part of the solution? Together we’ll explore what Kwanzaa is, beyond what you can find on a simple Google search, what makes it so soul quenching, and what it can do for UUism.

(No Religious Exploration this Sunday)

Brain as a Dinglehopper

Ayanna recently got diagnosed with ADHD. In this service, she will mark this amazing moment as well as talk about the difference it makes in her life and how she had all of the skills/tools needed to use her ADHD brain but was working with the wrong operating manual, so to speak.

Calling Myself

On the journey to choosing UUism, we all have a foundational moment or series of moments when we feel the call of this living tradition. The story of how I chose UUism, for myself, is also the story of how UUism almost lost me. Let’s explore that.

This is a 50/50 Sunday. Our recipient for March is Family Promise of North Fulton/Dekalb.