Speaker: Darya Aberback

Sunday, August 13 – Not My God!

In many passages the Bible suggests that there are several “gods” – not just one. Also, many people today do things in the name of “God.” Which “God” might they be talking about?  Are we sure we’re all talking about the same one?

Sunday, July 9 – Beloved Community

If we allow ourselves to become insular, we lose any chance of becoming diverse in our thinking as well as our demographics. We also fail to share UU principles with the world around us; this is becoming more important now than ever.

Sunday, May 28 – Reaching for New Life

Through the story of immigrants, we can learn lessons valuable to all areas of our own lives. The willingness to leave the unfamiliar, as well as courage and openness to change are among the qualities that characterize immigrants. These qualities can also apply to many … read more.