Speaker: Darya Aberback

Sunday, August 14 – On Friendship

Join us as we consider friendship from a number of angles, from President Obama’s inability to understand the value of political friendships to the role gossip plays in managing friendships.

Sunday, July 10 – Words Matter

In our changing awareness of language, how can we be sensitive to people who are powerless, stigmatized, or marginalized? Where do we draw the line between basic respect and the overreach of political correctness? Come explore these issues around word choice and why it matters.

Sunday, January 10 – Beneath the Quilt

Many years ago Celestine Sibley, the beloved columnist, wrote of a Kentucky woman’s homespun musings about the theological message inherent in patchwork quilting. There is truth in those musings, but there is a deeper truth beneath the colorful surface of the quilt that offers a … read more.