Speaker: Dave Dunn

Stewardship Your Way: Reconnect, Recommit

We’ve spent much of the past three years disconnected due to a global pandemic; and although we’re not out of the woods yet, is it time for you to reconnect and recommit to the mission and vision of UUMAN? What is this community, and its … read more.

Reimagining Our Principles and Sources

Throughout our history as Unitarians, Universalists and Unitarian Universalists, we have had principles and sources. Our current principles and sources are the result of numerous reimaginings across this history. We are being asked to reimagine. How will we respond?

Your Vision for the Year

If 2023 were to be the year in which the best of things happened, what would those things be? What would we have to do to bring them about? Please come willing to share some of your “best of things” ideas along with a plan … read more.

Our Holiday Traditions

What better way is there to celebrate Christmas morning than with your UUMAN friends?
Join us as we share our (and your) many and varied holiday traditions together.

Candlelight Christmas Eve Service (7PM)

Let us share the warmth of this holiday season in joyful celebration.
May the glow of our candles symbolize the hope that will sustain us through the dark times of winter and throughout the coming year.

America’s Native Stories

The story of Thanksgiving goes back to the Pilgrims who landed at Plymouth Rock. Yet before they were here there were already people here – loving their loved ones and living their lives. Let’s hear some of their stories – stories of creation, stories of love and the ubiquitous trickster tales.

First Sunday of Advent. No Religious Exploration.

Bread Communion

Bread is a symbol of life-giving sustenance and today we will share a bread communion together. Please bring a bread (homemade if possible) that elicits memories of childhood sustenance. You will have the opportunity to share this memory with us.

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Congregational Meeting: No Religious Exploration