Speaker: Dave Dunn

No Matter Whatness

What things in your life have a “no matter whatness” quality to them …that no matter what happens, that no matter how it happens; your right relationship to that thing remains steadfast – unmoved? Do you feel that you, your life, who you … read more.

Blessing of the Animals (Multigenerational)

Please join us in our annual Blessing of the Animals service.

Please bring your furried, feathered, crawling (and hopefully controlled) friends with you for an experience that is always wild and fanciful.

(note: this is a multi-generational service, and there will … read more.

The World Needs You

Each one of us is unique. Amongst an interrelated, interconnected web, the world couldn’t be the same without you. Are you here for a reason? Do you have a calling? What does it cost the universe if you should not answer?

Sermon text … read more.

Working Together

Gravity existed long before Newton “discovered” it. What unknown aspects of our very selves have yet to be discovered? Together, how can any newly discovered aspects of our nature be put together with who we already are to create something beautiful?

Sermon Text … read more.

Thirsty Prophets

Compassion is just a starting point, not a finish line. Please join us this Sunday at 10:30 am for the story of Jesus and the woman at the well, when we’ll explore how embracing our own human vulnerability can make us better social … read more.

We Are the Unitarians!

Two hundred years ago today, May 5, 1819, Rev. William Ellery Channing, the leader of the liberal Congregationalists split with the conservative Congregationalists declaring that the liberals would now be regarded as Unitarians.  This declaration led to the formation of the American Unitarian Association and eventually the Unitarian Universalist Association.