Speaker: Dave Dunn

The Slippery Slope

During some type of argument or discussion, we’ve all likely heard someone invoke “the slippery slope.” (I’ve done it myself!)… but thinking more deeply, just what does it mean? Do slippery slopes truly exist? Are they ubiquitous? And most importantly, what do they signify for us and our community?

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

As Unitarian Universalists, do we have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy regarding our personal and communal theologies? Each year we ask our Coming of Age students to share their belief statements. Are we willing to share our own…and just what do we believe anyway?

(This Harvest Moon Service Auction sermon was purchased by Carla Kapeskas.)

Beginner’s Mind

We tend to place a high value on expertise through education and learning. Though there is nothing inherently wrong with education and learning, is there sometimes a price to be paid? Can something be lost along the way?

Hembree Park Service – In Person

Join us at Roswell’s Hembree Park pavilion for an in-person outdoor service. Although we won’t be sharing, bring some food and drink for a picnic afterwards.

Margaret Fuller

Unitarian Margaret Fuller was truly a woman ahead of her time. A contemporary to Emerson, Parker and other Transcendentalists, she was every bit their equal. At the New York Tribune, she became the first full-time book reviewer in American journalism and its first female editor. What is her legacy today?

Going Back to Abnormal

As a congregation in a pandemic, as much as we’d like “to get back to normal,” is there a normal to get back to? Has the game changed? Is the pandemic merely a wake-up call? Might we have to adapt and change? Are we willing to adapt and change? Are we willing to turn toward an uncertain future?

Our 50/50 recipient for the month of May will be Nourish Eco Village.

Process Theology in Plurality

Process theology re-conceptualizes “God” away from being a pre-existent being, personality or entity, and toward the idea of God as an ongoing creative, evolutionary power or force.

Process Naturalism does much the same without the concept of God. 

In addition, might these offer new perspectives on the nature of reality?


Parables and Portraits

Come experience the wisdom and humor of several stories from the book “Parables and Portraits” by Stephen Mitchell. Come, let us tell you a story.