Speaker: Dave Hudson

February 25th – “Wrestling with Spirit”

How do we hold a notion as ephemeral as spirit—an idea we invoke regularly? What meaning does it have for Unitarian Universalists? What power? That depends, of course, on where one falls on the UU theological spectrum. Dave will share his own understanding (if he … read more.

Sunday, June 18 – What’s God Got to Do with It?

At a time when we take sides and shout at each other across a vast chasm, when true communication has disappeared, perhaps the only way to bridge that chasm is, first, to listen deeply to each other and hope that in so doing we can find the common humanity and, yes, even the Divinity, in each other. Some call that spark of recognition “God” and such deep listening work as holy work. We suggest that the non-partisan work of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby is such work.

Guest Speaker: Dave Hudson
Worship Associate: Brian Kohn

Sunday, October 2 – Let’s Get Real

Members of UUMAN’s current Spiritual Autobiography group share their experience of the practice of spiritual writing and testify to the great value of identifying and naming the important themes of our respective lives. This sharing will serve to demonstrate the power of small group ministry.

Sunday, January 10 – Beneath the Quilt

Many years ago Celestine Sibley, the beloved columnist, wrote of a Kentucky woman’s homespun musings about the theological message inherent in patchwork quilting. There is truth in those musings, but there is a deeper truth beneath the colorful surface of the quilt that offers a … read more.