Speaker: Shelley Nagrani

Where is your flag this flag day?

It is Flag Day! Flags are a symbol of ownership and of borders. They also have meaning. We fly a flag because it stands for something with which we identify. What happens when our flag stands for something with which we do not identify? What do we do?

Holiday Traditions

Many of us grew up with traditions in which our families participated during this time of year. For many, decorating a tree was one tradition. In this service, the congregation will be invited to contribute an ornament from their home to decorate the UUMAN Christmas tree. At the same time, we will remember that, around the world, there are other traditions at this time of year. UUMAN congregants from other countries will share stories about the traditions with which they grew up.

Music: UUMAN Band

Moving Beyond the Comfort Zone

Shelley Nagrani will share her experience of learning to do that which seems undo-able and finding comfort in that which seems uncomfortable. The Leadership Development Committee will talk about taking on roles at UUMAN that feel like a stretch and end up fitting like a … read more.

Sunday, July 9 – Beloved Community

If we allow ourselves to become insular, we lose any chance of becoming diverse in our thinking as well as our demographics. We also fail to share UU principles with the world around us; this is becoming more important now than ever.