Topic: Holiday Traditions

Rutabagas and Parsnips

Sacrifice, Fasting, and Ashes oh my…. 

For many of us, this season that starts this Wednesday was about giving up and not giving in for 40 days, but is there something in Lent for Unitarian Universalists?

Watch What Happens

Depending upon circumstance, Valentine’s Day can attune us to love or loss. Love sweeps us away. Love sweeps us aside. We fall in. We fall out. Might there be Good News in all this?

This is a 50/50 Sunday; our recipient is Family Promise.

Music: UUMAN Band

30 Days of Love

This year marks the 8th anniversary of the UUA’s 30 Days of Love campaign.  It is a period for intentional action, service, education, and reflection running from Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday to Valentine’s Day. How might we deepen the connection to our faith at this time?

Music: Alex Pietsch and the Chalice Choir.

Candlelight Christmas Eve Service

Let us share the warmth of this holiday season in joyful celebration. May the glow of our candles symbolize the hope that will sustain us through the dark times of winter and throughout the coming year.

Multigenerational Christmas Pageant

Would YOU like to Hold the Baby?
Follow the Star to a special place where There is Room in Stable for Everyone. Would We Have Eyes to See the miracle that is the Christmas Story? Join us for our annual Christmas Eve pageant for our retelling of the story of Christmas this year re-imaged through the eyes of our UUMAN youth.

Holiday Stories and Songs

Come join us for holiday stories and songs. The UUMAN Choir will be sharing the songs. The worship team will be sharing the stories – some you may know, others may be new to you; some may be happy, some may be sad, some may even be scary.

Music: Alex Pietsch and the Chalice Choir

Holiday Traditions

Many of us grew up with traditions in which our families participated during this time of year. For many, decorating a tree was one tradition. In this service, the congregation will be invited to contribute an ornament from their home to decorate the UUMAN Christmas tree. At the same time, we will remember that, around the world, there are other traditions at this time of year. UUMAN congregants from other countries will share stories about the traditions with which they grew up.

Music: UUMAN Band

Bread Communion

Bread is a symbol of life-giving sustenance and today we will share a bread communion together. Please bring bread (homemade if possible) that elicits memories of childhood sustenance. You will have the opportunity to share this memory with us. We will then collect bread for donation to North Fulton Community Charities.

Music: UUMAN Band

Father’s Day

How do you process the grief of your father’s death? You blog every day for a year, of course! How does the healing begin? What to do with unfinished business or unfulfilled dreams? A daughter continues her father’s legacy and inspires the next generation.

The Equinox: Our Heart’s Connection

The human race has long viewed the spring equinox as a time of celebration and life. Join us as we explore our connection to the ancient ways of marking the beginning of spring and the spiritual hold it still has on us in the modern world.