Topic: Holiday Traditions

Father’s Day

How do you process the grief of your father’s death? You blog every day for a year, of course! How does the healing begin? What to do with unfinished business or unfulfilled dreams? A daughter continues her father’s legacy and inspires the next generation.

The Equinox: Our Heart’s Connection

The human race has long viewed the spring equinox as a time of celebration and life. Join us as we explore our connection to the ancient ways of marking the beginning of spring and the spiritual hold it still has on us in the modern world.

Candlelight Service

Join us at 7:00 PM for a reflective service of music and stories that evoke the spirit of the holiday season, concluding with our traditional singing of Silent Night by candlelight.  This service begins at 7:00 PM in the Sanctuary, and all are invited.

Christmas Pageant

Join us at 4:00 PM for a special re-telling of the nativity story and a powerful message of inclusion and love – our annual production of “Would You Like to Hold the Baby?” Our pageant is participatory and great fun. There’s room in the stable for EVERYONE!

Moving from Me to We

How do we move from the Me to the We? We don’t have an answer for that. We must find our way through the mystery as best we can…together. What can it look like? Smaller than a grain of rice; greater than heaven … read more.

Sunday, August 20 – Ingathering

Join us for the official start of our church year with our annual multigenerational Ingathering Service.  Bring your actual or symbolic waters of summer to be mingled with those of other UUMAN members of years past.