Topic: Nature and Sustainability

Active Hope

The amazing video we saw on Earth Day from Joanna Macy and ideas she presented were taken from a book she co-authored with Chris Johnstone called “Active Hope”. 

It lays out a plan we can all use to turn our hopes into action and this service will present what we hope is the perfect example of what “Active Hope” can look like in the world.

Worship Associate: Jim Nickens

The Great Turning

Earth Day has truly come of age at 50. Together we shift from despair to opportunity. Joanna Macy, PhD and Buddhist scholar with five decades of activism offers a vision of a global awakening that shifts from industrial growth to a life sustaining civilization. By addressing directly the dis-ease of our planet we have the opportunity to be fully alive and fully engaged in the most important work in human history. This is our moment.

Our Relationship with the Wild

Unitarian Universalists believe that we are a part of the interconnected web of all existence. What might be the implications of this belief? Are we unique? Are we distinct from “the wild”?

Music: Alex Pietsch and the Chalice Choir

Blessing of the Animals (Multigenerational)

Please join us in our annual Blessing of the Animals service.

Please bring your furried, feathered, crawling (and hopefully controlled) friends with you for an experience that is always wild and fanciful.

(note: this is a multi-generational service, and there will … read more.

The World Needs You

Each one of us is unique. Amongst an interrelated, interconnected web, the world couldn’t be the same without you. Are you here for a reason? Do you have a calling? What does it cost the universe if you should not answer?

Sermon text … read more.

One Connected World

A look at moving beyond our comfort zone to create personal change, meaningful civic engagement and responsible relations with all of life.

Happy Earth Day to all our relatives of every species.  May we all come together to respond to the crisis of Climate Change to … read more.

Expanding the Circle of Compassion

Rev. Michael Dowd is an evolutionary theologian and bestselling author.

Along with his wife, Connie Barlow, an acclaimed science writer and evolutionary educator (both climate hawks), they permanently travel North America promoting the inspiring side of science, religious naturalism, and one-story spirituality.

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