Topic: Philosophy

The Slippery Slope

During some type of argument or discussion, we’ve all likely heard someone invoke “the slippery slope.” (I’ve done it myself!)… but thinking more deeply, just what does it mean? Do slippery slopes truly exist? Are they ubiquitous? And most importantly, what do they signify for us and our community?

Parables and Portraits

Come experience the wisdom and humor of several stories from the book “Parables and Portraits” by Stephen Mitchell. Come, let us tell you a story.

It’s a Wonderful Church

In the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” the angel Clarence tries to “earn his wings” by showing George Bailey, the character played by Jimmy Stewart, what the world would look like had he not been born. What might the world look like without UUMAN?

Free and Clear?

We all want things “free and clear”…free from encumbrances, ties and restrictions. When we reflect upon who we are, what we possess, what we have, how much of that do we view as free and clear?

The Six Simple Machines

Lever, Wheel and Axle, Pulley, Inclined Plane, Wedge, Screw. These are the six simple machines. In their most basic sense they can be used to multiply or change the direction of a mechanical force. How can we use them metaphorically to multiply or change the direction of our lives?

Cultivating a Relationship with Uncertainty

No doubt the coming year will bring with it an uncertain future. Nobody particularly likes uncertainty but it is a condition of our existence. How does uncertainty affect us? Can it ever be productive? Can it change us for the better?

Music: UUMAN Band.