Topic: Religious Education

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

As Unitarian Universalists, do we have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy regarding our personal and communal theologies? Each year we ask our Coming of Age students to share their belief statements. Are we willing to share our own…and just what do we believe anyway?

This will be a livestream service, available to view at our YouTube channel:

(This Harvest Moon Service Auction sermon was purchased by Carla Kapeskas.)

Youth Group Service

Come join us at UUMAN’s Youth Group presents their annual Sunday service. We probably don’t need to tell you but…come prepared for some surprises.

What Did We Learn?

What did we learn over the course of the last four years in our democracy? What does our learning compel us to do? Congregants will be sharing their perspectives on this topic.

An Educated Faith

While UUMAN offers no creed or dogma, we do offer the opportunity to search for truth and meaning in our lives. Join the coordinators of religious education for children and for adults as they discuss their programs.

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