Topic: Social Justice

UU The Vote

As reproductive justice is on the ballot this November, actively taking part in the election is especially important. Our denomination has provided many tools for us to use, providing an answer for those of us wishing we knew what to do.

History In Our Own Backyard

Groveway Community Group is an organization in the heart of Roswell that has been here for over 80 years, serving unmet – but important – needs. Groveway Community is an historically Black community in Roswell that dates back to the 1800’s.

Gail Bohanan will talk about the history of the community, some from personal experience, and of the organization. This service provides a unique opportunity for us to learn our history from a different perspective.

TransParent Day

According to the Transgender Law Center, “First established in 2009, TransParent Day is celebrated every year on the first Sunday in November as a day to celebrate life and the love between transgender parents and their children and transgender children and their parents.” Let’s explore the significance of this day

Feel Like a Woman Yet?

Becoming a woman today is not defined solely by puberty, birthing, physical appearance, or a traditional gender role. Poetry and a personal story of growth highlight how life changes affect any female person, cisgender, or non-binary. Our focus today is to foster a culture of acceptance for all genders.

Earth Ministry Service

The Earth Ministry and UUMAN members share ideas to inspire local action that protects our planet, in joyful celebration of another Earth Day, April 22nd.

This is a Welcoming Day of Observance: Day of Silence

This month’s 50/50 Recipient is Kids to the Country:

Invisible Trans

The Transgender Day of Visibility is on March 31. Why is such a day necessary?

What does it mean to be visible? Invisible? What does “invisibility” say about us?

Answering the Call of Love

We are hoping to include a number of voices of UUMAN in this service. This will be a chance for us to see one another and hear each other speak about love. What we are hoping is that many will record a 1-2 minute video, describing how you answer the call of love. We are listening for the voices of elders and children, long time members and those newly joined.

To contribute please contact our Worship Chair.

Introduction to Real History Month

We will be welcoming the beginning of what is often called “Black History Month” by celebrating African American inventors, leaders, and artists. This service will be an opportunity for everyone in the family to deepen our understanding of real American history.