Topic: Truth and Meaning

There Is No Nature! ….What???

Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek makes the radical claim that, “There is no Nature.” What if he’s right? What if everything is simply…well, just everything? If that could be true, what about us?
Worship associate: Shelley Nagrani

Cultivating a Relationship with Uncertainty

No doubt the coming year will bring with it an uncertain future. Nobody particularly likes uncertainty but it is a condition of our existence. How does uncertainty affect us? Can it ever be productive? Can it change us for the better?

Music: UUMAN Band.

Faith in Public Life

We will be faced with an unprecedented decision in the November elections. We’ve now seen the implications of our toxic political landscape and its accompanying ideologies. As a nation, we must now choose a path forward. In addition to merely choosing, what does UUMAN’s Vision compel us to do?

Music: Alex Pietsch and the Chalice Choir.

Working Together

Gravity existed long before Newton “discovered” it. What unknown aspects of our very selves have yet to be discovered? Together, how can any newly discovered aspects of our nature be put together with who we already are to create something beautiful?

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Us Divided? No!

UUMAN has recently lived through separation and division and most of us still have questions about how to behave with each other, in the midst of our differences. Others might be ready to detach or move on. Social psychology can shed some light into why … read more.

First Principles

In a broken world, might there be a set of first principles to which we can subscribe? (Btw…I’m not talking about “we” as members of UUMAN. I’m talking about we as citizens of the United States, citizens of a common humanity and as … read more.

Life is on the Line

We must insure government of, for and by the people.  Power has no allegiance and can be used against us.  The determining factors are the values we live, the work we do and continuous civic engagement.  The challenge of our times is joining … read more.

In Six Words

Have you heard of the six-word story? Ernest Hemingway’s friends bet him* that he couldn’t write a short story in just six words. They lost that bet. Today we will write, and share, stories about UUMAN, and other relevant topics, in six words.

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