Topic: Unitarian Universalist History

Who Were the Gnostics?

What did Christians believe prior to the “orthodoxy” that resulted from the Council on Nicaea in 325 CE? Who were the Gnostics and what did they believe? Might portions of the Gnostic “myth” explain the world in which we live better than accepted orthodoxy?

(Multigenerational Service)

Music: UUMAN Band

Hi! I’m a Unitarian Universalist

What does it mean to be a Unitarian Universalist? How do you respond when others ask you, “What church do you go to? What is Unitarian Universalism?” Come hear first person narratives from some of UUMAN’s congregants.

This is a New Member Sunday.

Music: Alex Pietsch and the Chalice Choir.

Visit to our Partner Church in the Khasi Hills

Sophie Davis, a Young Adult in the Congregation who UUMAN sponsored to visit our partner church in the Khasi Hills in NE India, and her mother Valerie will be sharing reflections of their trip to visit Mawsynjri this year. Come hear about the experience of a young adult in our congregation who stayed in the village to learn about and share culture with the Khasi villagers.

We Are the Unitarians!

Two hundred years ago today, May 5, 1819, Rev. William Ellery Channing, the leader of the liberal Congregationalists split with the conservative Congregationalists declaring that the liberals would now be regarded as Unitarians.  This declaration led to the formation of the American Unitarian Association and eventually the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Sunday, March 26 – Prophetic Sisterhood

In the late 19th century, a radical band of pioneering women ministers, defying the Unitarian establishment; founded, nurtured and grew dozens of congregations throughout the Midwest. They are now largely forgotten. How might we hold on to our UU heritage that is often plagued by … read more.