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Answering the Call of Love

We are hoping to include a number of voices of UUMAN in this service. This will be a chance for us to see one another and hear each other speak about love. What we are hoping is that many will record a 1-2 minute video, describing how you answer the call of love. We are listening for the voices of elders and children, long time members and those newly joined.

To contribute please contact our Worship Chair.

Sociodicy: The Goodness of Who We Are

Channeling Theodore Parker, sociologist Nicholas Christakis says, “The arc of our evolutionary history is long, but it bends towards goodness.” Might this be true? How could that possibly be?

The Implications of our 7th Principle

Our 7th Principle: Respect for the Interdependent Web of All Existence of Which We are a Part. For us to respect this interdependent web we must first believe in it. Do we? What are the implications?