Caring for Our Spirits: Lessons from the Front Lines

These are trying times as our nation is turned upside-down in the face of coronavirus and it’s more important than ever to care for that ethereal part of ourselves that longs for connection and transcendence. How are those on the front lines of this medical crisis caring for their spirits, and how can we draw lessons from them for our own lives?

Extending Grace

Grace is often portrayed as the welcome, yet unmerited, divine intervention of God in our affairs (e.g. “…but by the grace of God”). Yet we have the power to bestow grace upon one another and change lives for the better. How can we extend grace at this difficult time?

Worship Associate: Randy Blasch

Music: Alex Pietsch

Nurturing Our Spirit (ONLINE ONLY)

Service Description: “Nurture Our Spirit.” These are the first three words of our new mission statement. What does it mean to nurture our spirit? Who’s responsibility is it? How do we nurture our spirit in the face of a global pandemic and a national emergency declaration?

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