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History In Our Own Backyard

Groveway Community Group is an organization in the heart of Roswell that has been here for over 80 years, serving unmet – but important – needs. Groveway Community is an historically Black community in Roswell that dates back to the 1800’s.

Gail Bohanan will talk about the history of the community, some from personal experience, and of the organization. This service provides a unique opportunity for us to learn our history from a different perspective.

My Father, Which Art In Earth

Poet Conrad Aiken (1898-1973) was one of Georgia’s greatest writers, a Unitarian, and highly influenced by his father and grandfather. On this Father’s Day, we’ll take a look at his life and work.

Our featured speaker is Orlando Montoya, a newscaster for Georgia Public Broadcasting, the statewide radio network. He can be heard weekday afternoons during “All Things Considered” on 88.5 in Atlanta. He spent 23 years in Savannah, the city of Conrad Aiken’s birth and death.

Who Am I? Who Do I Want To Be?

In these polarized and trying times, it can be hard to listen to our better angels and easy to fall into angry, vindictive thoughts. But is that who we want to be? How do we remain compassionate toward people who are doing horrible things? How do we remember the common humanity we share, even with our enemies? How can we resist being dragged down by the world, and remain true to who we are?

This service features our own, much loved, Rev. Kim Palmer.