Holiday Traditions

Many of us grew up with traditions in which our families participated during this time of year. For many, decorating a tree was one tradition. In this service, the congregation will be invited to contribute an ornament from their home to decorate the UUMAN Christmas tree. At the same time, we will remember that, around the world, there are other traditions at this time of year. UUMAN congregants from other countries will share stories about the traditions with which they grew up.

Music: UUMAN Band

America’s Native Stories

The story of Thanksgiving goes back to the Pilgrims who landed at Plymouth Rock. Yet before they were here there were already people here – loving their loved ones and living their lives. Let’s hear some of their stories – stories of creation, stories of … read more.

Bread Communion

Bread is a symbol of life-giving sustenance and today we will share a bread communion together. Please bring bread (homemade if possible) that elicits memories of childhood sustenance. You will have the opportunity to share this memory with us. We will then collect bread for donation to North Fulton Community Charities.

Music: UUMAN Band