This week’s Order of Worship

Hi! I’m a Unitarian Universalist

What does it mean to be a Unitarian Universalist? How do you respond when others ask you, “What church do you go to? What is Unitarian Universalism?” Come hear first person narratives from some of UUMAN’s congregants.

This is a New Member Sunday.

Music: Alex Pietsch and the Chalice Choir.

Watch What Happens

Depending upon circumstance, Valentine’s Day can attune us to love or loss. Love sweeps us away. Love sweeps us aside. We fall in. We fall out. Might there be Good News in all this?

This is a 50/50 Sunday; our recipient is Family Promise.

Music: UUMAN Band

The Return of Paganism

We have all likely heard people say that they are “spiritual but not religious.” Might this simply be indicative of a rejection of the traditional organized religions? Might it also be indicative of a return to pagan spirituality? What might this mean?

Music: Alex Pietsch and the Chalice Choir

Rutabagas and Parsnips

Sacrifice, Fasting, and Ashes oh my…. 

For many of us, this season that starts this Wednesday was about giving up and not giving in for 40 days, but is there something in Lent for Unitarian Universalists?