This week’s Order of Worship

Blessing of the Animals (Multigenerational)

Please join us in our annual Blessing of the Animals service.

Please bring your furried, feathered, crawling (and hopefully controlled) friends with you for an experience that is always wild and fanciful.

(note: this is a multi-generational service, and there will … read more.

No Matter Whatness

What things in your life have a “no matter whatness” quality to them …that no matter what happens, that no matter how it happens; your right relationship to that thing remains steadfast – unmoved? Do you feel that you, your life, who you … read more.

The Birth of the Khasi Unitarians

On September 18, 1887, an anniversary date Khasi Unitarians still celebrate, Hajom Kissor Singh led his first church service in his home.