This week’s Order of Worship

Expanding Sanctuary

Service Description: What is sanctuary? Is it something specific or might it be a continuum of activities and initiatives? El Refugio is a ministry of hospitality and visitation serving immigrants at Stewart Detention Center and their families and friends. The leaders of El Refugio … read more.

Just Wholeness

From the early holistic thinkers like Goethe, to the current quantum physicists, there is a growing understanding of what wholeness means.

Still, there are many questions, like how does wholeness feel?  What can we do when despite our best efforts, we have a deep aching sense … read more.

Engaging in UUMAN’s Vision

We all know UUMAN’s mission statement, but what is UUMAN’s “Vision” for the future? Where are we headed…and why are headed there? How can you participate in the creation of our shared vision together?