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Service of Seasonal Music

Bah humbug Ebenezer Scrooge! Get in the holiday spirit by joining us for a holiday celebration of music and cheer.

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December 4th service on YouTube

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    Check in on the latest news-in-depth in the December 2022 issue of the UUMAN Times Newsletter. The UUMAN Times is published monthly and contains articles on current and future happenings at UUMAN. Our latest issue features the following and many other newsworthy articles you’ll want to read:

    • Pledging as a Covenant
    • Religious Exploration News
    • Notes from the Board: UUMAN to Offer Benefits for Staff

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    Ministers Message

    “We need not think alike to love alike” is a quotation often attributed to sixteenth century Transylvanian Unitarian minister Francis David. He is arguably the first Unitarian minister and this quotation is only arguably his. Some religious scholars believe that this quotation was erroneously attributed … read more.